Discover Claudia Fortunato’s Chrysalis NFTs


From chaos to harmonization and from bursting to new structure, the screenshots series of “Chrysalis” probes the birth of the woman in herself in a tear that resembles a rebirth.

Breaking with the inertia, the petrification of the body, the silence, the cultural injunctions to beauty, the dissociation and the confinement that weighs in the unconscious impregnated with patriarchy; I stage the breakthrough of the matrix envelope, the exit from illusion and the emergence of the archaic part of the feminine.

The question of identity imposes itself in the exit from childish dreams and the process of metamorphosis from childhood to adulthood. Thanks to the pulsation of life of the drums, like the heartbeat of the young woman, I seek to recreate the link between heaven and earth, masculinity and femininity, cosmic being and physical envelope.

By working on movement, in the interstice between that, me and superego, I question self-representation, our true presence, the liberation of conditioning and the reappropriation of ancestral archetypes.

Claudia Fortunato Actress